What is tience?

A new era of skin has arrived

Our skin is part of who we are. But we don’t think about it, until it doesn’t feel like it used to anymore. The sensation of skin that just isn’t what you want it to be. How it used to be. Years ago, we began looking for answers. Answers to the question of skin. Skin that couldn’t heal itself properly. But what if? What if skin could heal itself? An unsolved question, an impossible mission. Until now. Because here we are, well over a decade of research later. Proud to say that we have it. The answer. We found a way for skin to regenerate itself. To self-heal, back to its natural state. We call it Tience. It’s tissue science. Revolutionized through technology. Ready to change the life of millions. It’s a very human technology, natural in its origin. A solution that accelerates the body’s own process in all steps towards healing. The rules of skin have changed forever.

Hacking skin

Tience is a breakthrough innovation that treats skin defects and reverses signs of aging. It is a ready-to-use injectable tissue product that helps skin naturally regenerate itself by accelerating the body’s own healing process. Tience treatments are for skin defects such as unwanted scars, fine lines and wrinkles in aging skin. Depending on the treatment area and need, Tience can be used as an injectable, or topically in combination with treatments like microneedling and laser.