Skin Reborn.

Treats aging skin and skin damage

Tience® activates skin cells, which improves the overall functionality of the skin. This results in smoother and healthier skin.

What is Tience

A breakthrough innovation

The patented technology of Tience® is a first-of-its-kind, cell-free and sterile product, making it a pioneer in regenerative aesthetics.

The Science

Results with only one treatment

As Tience® is able to affect the skin’s natural functions, the results of the treatment progress gradually and are long-lasting.

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How it works

Tience® treatment is suitable for anyone experiencing signs of aging or other skin defects. Tience treatments are performed by Tience-trained nurses and doctors, and each treatment is tailored to fit individual needs.


Tience treatment is well-suited for areas such as under the eyes, around the mouth, cheek area, neck, and décolletage, as well as fading certain types of scars.


Tience is injected or applied to the treatment area. The injection might cause small papules on the skin that disappear within hours.


Tience induces skin regeneration by providing an optimal microenvironment to the treatment area. Tience activates skin cells, which improves the overall functionality of the skin.


Restoring of skin functions, resulting in long-term improvement of skin quality, texture, and less visible skin defects, has started.

A new era for skin has arrived

What if skin could heal itself? An unsolved question, an impossible mission. Until now. Because here we are, well over a decade of research later. Proud to say that we have it. The answer. We found a way for skin to regenerate itself. To self-heal, back to its natural state. We call it Tience. It’s tissue science. Revolutionized through technology. Ready to change the lives of millions. It’s a very human technology, natural in its origin. A solution that accelerates the body’s own process in all steps toward healing. The rules of skin have changed forever.
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Tience® is built on scientific rigor and proven to be safe.

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