Frequently asked questions

Tience treatment is suitable for everyone who feels their skin is suffering from signs of aging or other visible and unwanted skin defects. Tience improves the functions of skin and initiates the signalling of the body to start healing itself. Tience gives the skin a boost for long-term skin regeneration and restores skin health and glow. Tience also supports and accelerates skin healing in wounds and certain types of scars. Always consult a healthcare professional to receive an assessment for your individual needs. Tience-treatment is suitable for both males and females of all ages.

Tience is not a filler. Tience is a product for skin regeneration. It improves the natural functions of the skin where the skin is damaged or aged. As Tience is not a filler, it does not change the shape of your facial features or your overall look. Tience provides improvement in skin quality, structure, elasticity and an overall fresh glow due to the boost it gives to the skin’s natural function.

No. Tience is the first innovation that captures the huge self-healing power of human adipose tissue in a ready-to-use product, representing advanced cell-free tissue technology. Instead of using cumbersome methods of fat transfer, nano fat or PRP, Tience provides the same, and even better, healing power in a ready-to-use product. Tience is different from comparable products in that it contains an optimal rich composition of fat tissue proteins. Tience mimics the normal healing function of the body. Its unique composition guides the natural regeneration process of skin and subcutaneous tissue, making the healing process faster and more thorough, repairing tissue damage in a way that the existing regenerative skincare solutions are not able to do.

Fat tissue is widely recognized as a very active organ with tremendous healing power and is an excellent source of bioactive molecules. Tience is a breakthrough technology where bioactive proteins and peptides are obtained from leftover liposuction fat of carefully selected donors, with a patented, validated and quality-controlled process. Tience is manufactured in a tissue establishment clean room using a gentle production process with rigorous quality control. This process provides a natural product that is safer than any other on the market. Tience has undergone extensive clinical safety testing and no irritation reactions or adverse events have been reported. Tience contains no cells, so there are no immunological risks.

Depending on the treatment area and skin defect, Tience can be applied topically or as an injectable. Please consult a healthcare professional to receive detailed information for your individual need.

The Tience procedure itself is fast, appx 10-15 minutes. We always recommend consulting your healthcare professional in all skin-related concerns in order to receive a holistic individually planned treatment protocol.

There is no, to minimal, downtime after the treatment. You may see some redness after the injections that should go away within a few hours. Swelling, itching or bruising can rarely be experienced at the treatment site. When Tience is applied topically there is no pain. When Tience is injected there is a sensation from the injection needle. In case of pain concerns a numbing cream can be used to relieve possible discomfort during injection.

After a few days, you should already feel that the skin is softer and smoother. As Tience supports the regeneration of skin and the normal skin functions the result builds up over time. Tience provides the relevant biomolecules and recruits biomolecules from surrounding healthy tissue needed for each stage of healing. The need for a maintenance treatment may vary depending on the treatment area and starting points. Always consult a healthcare professional to receive a personalized recommendation.

Tience is provided only by Tience-trained healthcare professionals. Please see the first clinics in Finland providing Tience-treatments. Tience will soon be available also in Sweden and Norway.