Deconstructing skin

Step 1

Tience is injected or applied to the damaged area.

Step 2

Tience induces healing by facilitating an optimal environment for the process.

Step 3

Tience increases microvasculature in the area.

Step 4

Tience establishes a connection to the damaged area and initiates the signaling for the body to start repairing the damage.

Step 5

As the healing process continues, Tience provides the relevant biomolecules and recruits biomolecules from surrounding healthy tissue needed for each stage of healing.

Step 6

Restoring of skin functions, resulting in long-term improvement of skin quality and less visible skin defects, has started.


The results

Read our clients own words about the effects of the Tience treatment.

Woman age 58

“The vertical lines around the mouth and wrinkles around the eyes have decreased. Skin texture has improved. The major response came with a delay, not immediately. Now my skin feels firmer and looks brighter.”

Woman age 66

“The deep scar on my forehead has risen more to skin level. In general my skin also feels softer and better.”

Woman age 70

“I have only positive feedback. My skin feels more elastic and skin color has improved. I have also received external feedback that my skin looks good.”